Call for Proposals: Management Information System (MIS) for Partnerships for Social Protection

23 March 2023 12:35pm
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Partnerships for Social Protection (P4SP) are seeking proposals for the design of a management information system to support the implementation of P4SP's monitoring, evaluation, and learning system and improved effectiveness of program management.


About Partnerships for Social Protection (P4SP)

The Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has commissioned the Partnerships for Social Protection program (P4SP), which is being implemented by Development Pathways.

P4SP contributes to greater coverage of quality, sustainable social protection systems in Pacific Island Countries (PICs) and Timor-Leste, that reduce poverty and exclusion, address vulnerabilities through the life-course and stimulate economic growth.

The End-of-Investment Outcome is that PICs and Timor-Leste have established or strengthened formal social assistance systems to reduce gender inequality, vulnerabilities, and economic and social exclusion, while promoting stability and economic growth through increased government ownership and commitment to increasing and institutionalising formal social assistance systems.

P4SP will operate until 19 September 2025.

Background of the assignment

This assignment concerns the design of a management information system (MIS) which, once developed and staff have been trained to use it, will primarily be managed in-house by P4SP. The MIS will support the implementation of the monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) system for P4SP and improved effectiveness and efficiency of program management.

P4SP commenced in late 2021 and initially consisted as a team of three people – a Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader and a Senior Social Protection Specialist. The program is demand driven, and rapidly growing demand for P4SP support, coupled with limited resourcing, has meant that the program has needed to scale up rapidly. The team now consists of 11 people based in Australia and the region, as well as a number of short-term consultants and support services (for example MEL).

As a result of this rapid growth, P4SP has needed to develop systems and processes at the same time as the program is being implemented. Given the current scale of the program and anticipated further growth, a decision has been made to invest in a Management Information System to more effectively support MEL, reporting, and program management. This was reflected in the P4SP 2023 Annual Plan which was approved by DFAT.

Scope of the assignment

P4SP is a demand-driven program, delivering nuanced support which meets the specific needs of Pacific Island Countries and Timor-Leste. The main goals of developing an MIS for P4SP are to: enable P4SP to effectively and efficiently capture, store, analyse, and report on data information related to the P4SP program (progress and performance); support effective program management; and ensure P4SP is able to use data to support its adaptive management approach.

P4SP is seeking to engage a MIS adviser/firm to work with P4SP to lead the design of an MIS that links with other sources of information and avoids duplication; lead development and initial implementation of the MIS; support the successful transition of MIS management to P4SP; and provide ongoing support and maintenance services as required, including undertaking regular reviews and making adjustments to MIS structure and function as required.

P4SP is seeking proposals from prospective suppliers in delivering the services as outlined in the Terms of Reference, which are available on Development Pathways' website.

Tender Closes: 5:00pm AEDT, Friday, 14 April 2023.

Submissions to: Prospective suppliers are required to submit a proposal via email to

The subject line of the email submission should be: Proposal for Development of P4SP MIS.

Any enquiries should also be directed to