AusConnect is designed to consolidate all opportunities for sub-consultants/contractors/grantees (“searchers”) for the Australian Development Program in a central location. 


Principles for all listings on AusConnect


1. Contractors must advertise all opportunities for searchers that are funded through DFAT’s contracted Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects;

2. Must be real opportunities – not, for example, for a bid;

3. Should be advertised for a minimum of 14 calendar days;

4. Must be for implementation/project opportunities, not for head office support roles;

5. All opportunities above $10,000 (inclusive of GST if it applies) or for more than 10 days of input must be advertised; and

6. Humanitarian/emergency opportunities may be included.

7. DFAT opportunities seeking individuals or suppliers for small value contracting opportunities may be included.



When seeking Individuals


8. Must include Project Leadership and Technical Expert positions; and

9. May include Project Coordination and Project Administration positions.



When seeking Firms


10. Opportunities specifically seeking local suppliers may be included; and

11. Purchases from a panel of suppliers that the project has established with DFAT agreement may be excluded.



What basic information will I need to list an opportunity?


AusConnect is designed to enable advertisers to list their jobs quickly, and for searchers to rapidly ascertain if they are interested in the opportunity. As such AusConnect only hosts the critical minimum information requirements on the opportunity, for example, opportunity description, skillsets, sectors, close dates, link to where to apply etc.



How to advertise opportunities

Contact supplier.engagement@dfat.gov.au with the following information:

 - Organisation name
 - DFAT contract number / title
 - Contact person for AusConnect within your organisation and their email address


Request a Supplier Account