AusConnect is designed to consolidate all opportunities for sub-consultants/contractors/grantees (“searchers”) for the Australian Development Program in a central location.

Principles for all listings on AusConnect

  1. Suppliers should advertise all opportunities that are funded through DFAT’s contracted Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects;
  2. All opportunities above $10,000 (inclusive of GST if it applies) and/or for more than 10 days of input must be advertised; 
  3. Opportunities must be ‘real’ i.e. not be for an opportunity that is contingent on winning a contract; 
  4. Opportunities must be advertised for a minimum of 14 calendar days;
  5. Opportunities must be for implementation/project opportunities, rather than head office support roles;
  6. Opportunities may include humanitarian/emergency or local supplier opportunities; and
  7. DFAT opportunities seeking individuals or suppliers for small value contracting opportunities may be included.

What basic information will I need to list an opportunity?

AusConnect requires minimal information to advertise an opportunity (job title, region, sectors and skill sets, work arrangement and employment type) and must include a link on how to apply. This means jobs can be advertised and searched quickly. 

Is AusConnect log-in account needed to view opportunities?

No, a login account is not required to view opportunities. You only need a login to advertise an opportunity. 

You can request an account here - Request A Supplier Account. You will need a DFAT contract number/title, organisation name, contact person name and email address to request an account.